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Pathways to Healthcare Professions
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Authorized by the Affordable Care Act, and administered by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, the Health Professions Opportunity Grant (HPOG) provides an opportunity for low income individuals to obtain an education and training in high-demand healthcare careers. HPOG was established to alleviate the shortage of health professionals and to assure that qualified students were not denied careers in health professions due to a lack of financial resources.  HPOG also helps to promote collaboration among human service agencies, workforce agencies, and educational institutions.

HPOG is designed as a career pathway to provide award recipients with progressive levels of education, training, and ultimately, employment opportunities. Participants gain knowledge and experience by applying their education and training in healthcare professions that provide advancement and sustainability, both for themselves and the communities they serve.  Since the program began in 2010, over 32,000 HPOG participants have enrolled in healthcare occupational training and more than 16,000 participants have become employed in a healthcare occupation.

It is well known that the Great Plains region faces a critical shortage of workers in many healthcare professions. The Pathways to Healthcare Professions (PHP) Program seeks to fill these positions by providing educational assistance and training to low-income individuals. By receiving education and training in health-related fields, program participants will be better able to assist their communities’ healthcare needs while forwarding their careers. Through these means, PHP hopes to create happier, healthier, and sustainable communities in rural areas.

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For more information on the Pathways to Healthcare Professions program call toll free 855-465-8911.


Please fax all PHP documents to 605-721-2862.

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